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Acne is a skin condition that results in inflammatory and noninflammatory lesions.

This condition is commonly associated with teenagers, but actually affects many age groups at different stages in life. There are many forms of acne and related conditions that we see every day. The four basic causes of this condition are increased cell build-up, p. acnes bacteria, increased oil production, and inflammation. Skin cells often do not shed enough on their own, creating a stacking effect on the surface that traps oil and bacteria, causing the bacteria to escalate. P. acnes are the bacteria responsible for this condition.  It cannot live in the presence of oxygen and thrives in a warm, humid environment. Topical oxygen sources help to control bacteria distribution and multiplication. In acne prone skin, increased oil (sebum) and p. acnes bacteria build-up behind the plug and can stimulate an inflammatory response. Inflammation is both a cause and result of acne. Our goal is to achieve decreased cell build-up, sebum production, p. acnes bacteria and inflammation.

Every case of acne has similarities, but no two acne patients are alike. By treating each case based on the disease pathway, we can build a plan with our professional treatments and daily care products to help you achieve clear and healthy complexions. Our solutions for acne are individualized and patient dependant.


Types of Acne

Solutions offered at Skinology for Acne are:

  • A series of Chemical Peels
  • Medical Facial
  • Medical Grade Skincare


Frequency of Treatment:

Every 10-14 days



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We are a state-of-the-art facility, with a highly trained staff, that provides aesthetic treatments scientifically proven to achieve results with our comfortable home-like atmosphere. Our staff wants to build a relationship with each client and work together as a team to achieve their skin care goals. We achieve this through non-invasive and non-surgical treatments with little to no downtime.

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