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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin is a heightened intolerance to topical products and/or external factors.

Sensitive skin is very thin, fragile-looking, pink-colored skin.  Because of the sensitive skin’s thinness, the blood vessels and nerve endings are much closer to the surface of the skin.  This is why this type of skin reddens so easily, but it is also why it becomes irritated by cosmetics more easily.  In addition, sensitive skin will often react to internal factors such as eating spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol or tobacco.  These substances are called vasodilators.  Vasodilators dilate the blood vessels, making more blood flow and shows up on the skin as red, blotchy patches.  A few common appearances of sensitive skin could be inflammation and discomfort, excessive dryness, impacted surface cells, persistent redness and itchiness.  These appearances could be caused by Rosacea, Impaired Barrier Function from overuse of aggressive products or a harsh climate, Atopic Dermatitis, from a personal history of allergies, or Psoriasis, which could be genetic, a trauma occurred, infection or medications.  Our professional treaments are designed to effectively soothe and decrease inflammation and discomfort.  It is also important to have a daily skin care regimen customized for your needs specific to your sensitivity.

Solutions offered at Skinology for Sensitive Skin are:

  • IPL treatment
  • A series of Clinical Peels
  • Medical Grade Skin Care Products

Frequency of Treatment:

Every 30 days



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