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SkinMedica professional skin care products are the result of almost two decades of research and clinical experience by world-renowned dermatologist and founder Richard E. Fitzpatrick, MD.  SkinMedica products are based on his multi-factorial approach to anti-aging therapy stemming from his extensive research and understanding of how skin ages.  Clinically proven ingredients such as growth factors, antioxidants, retinoids, essential fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and other molecules naturally found in skin are especially chosen and formulated to provide all the elements necessary for enhancing the natural process of skin rejuvenation.  SkinMedica products work synergistically to provide optimal aesthetic benefits in the shortest period of time.


SkinMedica’s innovative product line is centered upon the revolutionary anti-aging growth factor products TNS Recovery Complex and TNS Essential Serum.  The active properties of these proven anti-aging products are solidly anchored in scientific research, a quality that lends credibility and assurance to clinicians and patients.  SkinMedica’s products are available exclusively through a dedicated network of licensed physicians and medically supervised spas and are intended to be part of a medically supervised skin care program.


Our key SkinMedica Products include:

TNS Recovery Complex:

TNS Recovery Complex is the first topical cosmetic made almost entirely (93.6%) of a blend of growth factors and matrix proteins found naturally in the skin.  More than 380 growth factors and other proteins are naturally-secreted for TNS Recovery Complex using a patented process.  TNS is short for Tissue Nutrient Solution.  TNS Recovery Complex supports skin’s natural rejuvenation process.  You can dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with continued use of TNS Recovery Complex.  Skin appears healthier and younger-looking as growth factors support natural activity in skin.

TNS Essential Serum:

A remarkable combination. TNS Essential Serum has two chambers, one contains TNS Recovery Complex and the other chamber contains APS Corrective Complex.  Carefully selected antioxidants and peptides in APS Corrective Complex complement the benefits of growth factors in TNS Recovery Complex for overall younger-looking skin.


Introducing a new chapter in skin hydration. HA5 supports the skin’s ability to replenish its own HA for overall skin health. HA5 has a proprietary mix of five HA forms that smooth the skin, thereby decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The 5 HA’s work synergistically to provide immediate smoothing and continuous hydration throughout the day.

Lytera 2.0 pigment correcting serum:

Formulated to address even the most stubborn discoloration, regardless of skin type or genetic makeup.  Improvements seen as early as 4 weeks with continued results at 12 weeks and beyond.  Lytera 2.0 helps optimize results of multiple treatment approaches, including chemical peels, laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and prescription skin care products.

Retinol Complex:

Renews skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.  Appropriate for all skin types.  Retinol Complex enhances skin tone, texture and resiliency.  Also, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and coarse wrinkles.



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