Product Consultation

Product Consultation with one of Skinology’s Team Members. We are Zo Skin Health Specialist and Expert Certified.

What is a Product Consulation?

5Understanding which skincare products to use can be overwhelming. We are here to guide you through the process. Our Zo Skin Health Specialist and Expert Certified team can give you the personal attention you deserve to help you begin your skin transformation journey. Our complimentary product consultation will start with a skin analysis to understand the root of your concerns. You will be educated about ingredients, a.m. and p.m. regimens, and a step-by-step plan will be recommended that best fits your skin type, budget, and lifestyle.

We offer the Beautiful Skin Project journal, written by our founder and owner, Selena Rocker, to guide you in your skin care journey:

Knowledge + Application = Transformation.

Skin care is a science, our founder and owner Selena Rocker knows this. Your skin care regimen shouldn’t be a mash up of products that you came by through happenstance. They should be medical grade products that have been tested to work together and you should have a skincare prescription that has been tailored to your skin and its uniqueness. With that being said getting that regimen in place and using it everyday can be confusing.

That is why Selena has written the book The Beautiful Skin Project. Not only is it a book that breaks down the confusing world of products and ingredients but it is also a 150 day journal. This journal will help keep you on the path of your skin care journey and let you record obstacles that may have gotten in your way.



    Aging, Acne, Pigmentation, Texture & Tone, and Redness
    All Skin Types
    Come prepared with questions and concerns
    20 minutes
    To be determined
    Treatment plan dependent.  Moderate or Aggressive
    As needed

“I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed Skinology and Dr. Rocker before! This place is awesome. Amazing, helpful staff. Dr. Rocker is so gentle and comforting. He’s done my Botox a few times, and I’m impressed every time. He mixes it right in front of you also, which I really appreciate. Don’t skimp on your injector to save a few $$ (be really careful with Groupon), as they can totally screw up your face! Take one look at his staff, and you can see what a great job they all do … their skin is freakin beautiful.”


“Dr. Rocker listened to what I had to say and then took care of the problem. I would definitely say if anyone is on the fence about getting injections Skinology is the place to go”


“My husband is a patient of Dr. Rocker. It’s been about 12 years. One gets to know a lot about a doctor for that amount of time. Dr. Rocker is just good at what he does. He is experienced, patient and easy to speak with. His assistant wife also is wonderful. You know that you have a team working for you. I sincerely recommend anyone who is even thinking about having something done to make them feel better about themselves should first see Dr. Rocker. Skinology is not only professional; but creates a very relaxed and comfortable environment without being sterile. Yet the office is immaculate. Also, if you are a tad concerned about pain; don’t be. I’m a baby at times, and I almost fell asleep in the chair during the procedure!”