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January Masquerade



Each mask facial begins with our signature facial. The masks are a great way to jump start your year with great skin!

​Pumpkin Mask Facial: The pumpkin mask is optimal for thick, sun damaged, uneven skin. After cleansing and toning, it is applied for up to 2 minutes and the combination of pumpkin enzymes and salicylic acid penetrate the skin for a more even tone and texture. $80

​Papaya Mask Facial: The papaya mask gives dull skin a healthy glow. After cleansing and toning, it is applied for 5 minutes. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. $80

​Clarifying Salicylic Mask: The Salicylic acid mask is perfect for acne prone skin. It is both purifying and calming to promote a clear complexion. $80

​Oat Milk Mask Facial: This mask is formulated to soothe and hydrate impaired skin. It is applied and massaged in for 10 minutes for optimal results. $80

​​Brightening Facial: Top off your facial with a light peel and a Zo Skin Health brightening sheet mask. The peel exfoliates and leaves skin ready for the mask which is applied for 10 minutes. This mask leaves skin brightened and glowing. $125