Knowledge + Application = Transformation

About the Book

Skin care is a science, our founder and owner Selena Rocker knows this. Your skin care regimen shouldn’t be a mash up of products that you came by through happenstance. They should be medical grade products that have been tested to work together and you should have a skincare prescription that has been tailored to your skin and its uniqueness. With that being said getting that regimen in place and using it everyday can be confusing.

That is why Selena has written the book The Beautiful Skin Project. Not only is it a book that breaks down the confusing world of products and ingredients but it is also a 150 day journal. This journal will help keep you on the path of your skin care journey and let you record obstacles that may have gotten in your way.

The Beautiful Skin Project is available in both EBook and paperback on Amazon.

About the Author

Selena Rocker has been a Paramedical Aesthetician since 2004. She has owned and operated her own medical spa, Skinology, since 2007. Her educational background in various medical skin care lines, and procedures, along with trainings and certifications has been helping clients with skin concerns for over 15 years.

With her own personal history of skin cancers, melasma and sun damage, Selena is passionate about result-oriented skin care products and their efficacy. She especially enjoys staying up-to date with new modalities and professional treatments to make her clients look and feel their best.